# Another Bash Strict Mode

I have been using Aaron Maxwell's Unofficial Bash Strict Mode for many years now and it has saved my loads of time if finding and fixing buggy bash scripts. The main problem I now encounter is scripts that fail silently (or far from the last command that output anything). To solve this I have started to use the following variant.

set -uo pipefail
trap 's=$?; echo "$0: Error on line "$LINENO": $BASH_COMMAND"; exit $s' ERR

The major problem with set -e and set -o pipefail is that they are silent forcing you have to rely the output of the failed command to debug your script. But not all commands fail loudly and when they do they don't tell you where in your script they failed.

Error traps can give you more information, anything that is available to the bash shell at the time they where triggered. Most usefully the command that failed $BASH_COMMAND and the line number $LINENO that command was on.